19 October 2020 Wojciech Pszoniak has died

We all adore his roles in such films as “The Wedding”, “The Promised Land”, “Danton” and “Korczak” by Andrzej Wajda or “Austeria” by Jerzy Kawalerowicz, numerous theatre and film performances. And yet the brilliant actor, when he was an adolescent, wanted to become a musician. He had family traditions – his grandfather and his mother played the violin. It was the first instrument he took up in his musical education. He also learned to play the oboe and the clarinet. He was in a military band and in an opera orchestra. Then the studies in the Theatrical Academy in Cracow began as well as acting, to which he devoted his life. He didn’t give up music, though – to the list of the instruments he mastered he added the saxophone (he used this skill in films and theatre plays), and a few years ago he started learning to play the cello.

We were lucky that the Artist was friends with Poznan Philharmonic. He appeared on the stages of AMU Concert Hall and the auditorium of National Philharmonic a few times, taking part in our concerts, which he enriched with his narration. We applauded him i.a. in “Der Bürger als Edelman” by Richard Strauss, “Djamileh” by Georges Bizet or “Lélio, or the Return to Life” by Hector Berlioz… Not so long ago – in May this year – he was our guest in the Q&A cycle presented in our YouTube channel and Facebook profile… To find out what he said about life and art in response to the questions of our listeners check HERE

It is with great sorrow that we acknowledged the death of Wojciech Pszoniak.

We express our deepest sympathies to actor’s wife Barbara and his loved ones.

Wojciech Nentwig, Marek Pijarowski and Łukasz Borowicz along with the artistic ensembles and the staff of Poznan Philharmonic


* Poznan Philharmonic Orchestra and Łukasz Borowicz dedicate the Tuesday concert (20th of October) on the 24th Ludwig van Beethoven Easter Festival in the National Philharmonic in Warsaw to the memory of Wojciech Pszoniak.