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Subject to recommendations of 4 June 2020 issued in conjunction with SARS-COVID 19 epidemic by the Minister of Culture and National Heritage, the present Terms and Conditions, which are introduced to ensure safety of concert goers, performers, and organisers, remain mandatory for all participants of concerts organised at Adam Mickiewicz University Auditorium – Concert Hall of the Poznań Philharmonic.

  1. The building of AMU Auditorium – Poznań Philharmonic’s Concert Hall is accessed from Wieniawskiego street. Upon entry, following touch-free inspection of tickets and invitations, as well as disinfection of hands, one should follow instructions from Poznań Philharmonic’s audience management staff who direct members of the audience to relevant sectors (gallery, stalls).
  2. The procedure of admitting members of the audience to the building of AMU Auditorium commences one hour, and closes fifteen minutes prior to the concert. Persons who arrive late shall not be admitted to the concert, and the ticket fee shall not be refunded.
  3. Social distancing (distance between persons) consistent with the guidelines currently in place must be observed within the premises of AMU Auditorium – Poznań Philharmonic’s Concert Hall.
  4. Covering the mouth and nose is mandatory within the premises of AMU Auditorium – Poznań Philharmonic’s Concert Hall.
  5. Persons suffering from COVID-19, or subject to quarantine are prohibited from entering the AMU Auditorium building. Concert admission is subject to submitting a declaration by each member of the audience stating that to the best of his/her knowledge he/she is not infected, and that he/she has not been put in quarantine or under epidemiological supervision. By submitting the declaration, member of the audience grants consent to have the disclosed personal data processed to the extent set out in the “Guidelines for organisers of cultural and entertainment events during SARS-CoV-2 virus epidemic in Poland”, under pain of being refused admittance to the venue. Declaration forms are available on the webpage of the Poznań Philharmonic, or can be obtained from audience management staff at AMU Auditorium – Poznań Philharmonic’s Concert Hall, to whom filled and signed declarations should be returned.
  6. Subject to provisions of par. 7 below, only half of the seats at AMU Auditorium – Poznań Philharmonic’s Concert Hall (every other seat in each row) are available to members of the audience.
  7. Two neighbouring seats may be occupied by the following persons:
    – parent with a child under thirteen (13) years of age,
    – attendant accompanying a person holding certificate of disability, certificate of special educational needs, or a person who, for medical reasons, is incapable of moving independently,
    – persons living in or sharing the same household.
  8. Persons who do not observe any of the above Terms and Conditions shall not be admitted to the concert venue and shall be removed from the AMU Auditorium building. Members of the concert audience are categorically obliged to observe instructions issued by staff members of the Poznań Philharmonic.
  9. All members of concert staff wear face shields or face masks.
  10. Participation in a concert is tantamount with acceptance of the above Terms and Conditions whose provisions members of the audience are obliged to observe.
  11. The present Terms and Conditions, which entered into force on 30 June 2020 by way of decree of the General Manager of the Poznań Philharmonic, remain effective until further notice.
  12. Due to Sars-COVID 19 pandemic, members of the concert audience are obliged to disclose or update their contact details.
  13. To improve safety, the Poznań Philharmonic implements IT solutions in the form of touchless readers. Members of concert audience are obliged to get familiar with relevant instructions regarding use and handling of the said equipment, as well as to follow instructions issued by members of the staff. Admission to concert held at AMU Auditorium is conditioned on possession by a member of the audience of a valid ticket or personalised magnetic card, as well as on authorisation of relevant declarations concerning his/her medical condition and confirmation of entry.

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With a view to own epidemiological safety, as well as safety of all members of the audience at concerts organised by the Poznań Philharmonic, I declare as follows:

· to the best of my knowledge, within fourteen (14) days prior to the signing of the present declaration, I did not have contact with persons infected with SARS-CoV-2 virus, or persons who had developed COVID-19 or other influenza-like infection of the respiratory system;

· I am not subject to quarantine or epidemiological supervision;

· I am free from symptoms of the respiratory tract infection similar to those caused by influenza, incl. in particular as at the moment of signing the present declaration: increased bodily temperature, muscular pain, breathlessness and/or cough, dysfunction of the senses of smell and taste.

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