16 October 2023 Wojciech Pawłowski awarded honorary degree from Academy of Music in Poznań

Wojciech Pawłowski, businessman, social activist, patron of culture, sponsor of cultural events, endower, philanthropist… the list aiming to cover the wide range of his professional, social and charitable activities was long. These were enumerated in the laudation delivered by Prof. Bogumił Nowicki (2005-2012 rector of the Academy of Music) at the ceremony of conferring doctorate honoris causa on Wojciech Pawłowski by Ignacy Jan Paderewski Academy of Music in Poznań.

Among Wojciech Pawłowski’s activities championing the cause of culture, Prof. Nowicki mentioned the VRP Fund, whose goal is to support, promote, and popularise advancement of culture, art, science and education; refurbishment of the Faras Gallery at the National Museum in Warsaw;
W. Pawłowski’s involvement in the development of Centre of Music in Poznań (where Poznań Philharmonic will find its seat), in the operation of Wydawnictwo Poznańskie (Poznań Publishing House), his assistance to young musicians in the form of grants and stipends, as well as his support for the Poznań Philharmonic, whose main backer he has remained for years. Prof. Nowicki also evoked a quote from Wojciech Pawłowski, who once said: Sharing the effects of my work is my life’s joy.

The newly-appointed honorary doctor’s lecture “Patronage: privilege or duty?” was delivered to enthusiastic reception.

Held at the Aula Nova, the ceremony of awarding honorary degree from Academy of Music in Poznań to Wojciech Pawłowski took place during inauguration of the school’s new academic year.

Gratitude for promotion of culture and involvement in operation of the Academy was also extended to Wojciech Pawłowski’s wife, Dorota.

Our sincere congratulations to Mr and Mrs Pawłowski!