The musicians of Poznan Philharmonic Orchestra, missing the contact with the audience, would like to share with the music lovers the joy of music-making, though not yet in the orchestral form.

We welcome you to listen to Szymon Guzowski, the double bass player and soloist of Poznan Philharmonic Orchestra, who plays a self-composed cadence to the Concerto for Double Bass and Orchestra No. 2 by Karl Ditter von Dittersdorf.

The virtuoso cadence in the instrumental concerts of the 18th century, which existed mainly in the form of the coda of the first, fast movement, was the moment for the solo performer to show his skills. Initially the cadences were improvised, then – written down by the virtuosos of particular instruments.

The Concerto for Double Bass composed by the 18th century Austrian composer Karl Ditter von Dittersdorf (1739-1799) is one of more than 20 concerts he wrote for solo instruments and orchestra. Von Dittersdorf, being an active violinist himself, also left behind over 40 operas and 100 symphonies. He is also one of the most important authors of singspiel (one of his works, “Doktor und Apotheker”, is staged until now). What’s the most characteristic in the composer’s style is the transition from baroque to classicistic style – the evolving figurations are replaced by distinctly diversified melodic sections.