Stanisław Moniuszko


Katarzyna HOŁYSZ – (Neala) Soprano
Robert JEZIERSKI – (Akebar) Basso
Yuri GORODETSKI – (Idamore) Tenor
Szymon KOMASA – (Djares) Baritone
Tomasz WARMIJAK – (Ratef) Tenor
National Philharmonic Choir
Bartosz MICHAŁOWSKI – Chorus Master
Poznan Philharmonic Orchestra
Łukasz BOROWICZ – Conductor




1. Introduction (orchestra) 3:31
(Maestoso non troppo lento)

2. Scene One (Ratef, Idamore) 2:21
(Lento) In the Shadows of the Night.

3. Scene Two (choir, Idamore) 4:04
(Vivace) Seize him!

4. Scene Three 5:08
Recitative and Cavatina (Idamore)
(Andante ma non troppo lento)
The Pariah! Another One Despised from the Caste.

5. Overture (orchestra) 9:25

Tableau One
6. Scene One (choir, Priestess, Neala) 4:27
(Allegretto) From the Starry Mantle Night.

7. Scene Two (Neala, choir) 3:57
Recitative and song with the choir
(Allegretto) Raise the Humble Prayers of the Pure Spirit!

8. Scene Three (Neala, Idamore) 7:40
(Molto agitato) My Dear! Oh, My Beloved!

Tableau Two
9. Scene One (choir) 2:17
(Moderato) Oh! Surya the Magnificent!

10. The Call (Akebar, Neala, choir) 2:21
(Moderato quasi)
Brahmins, I Summoned You in an Important Issue.

11. Aria (Akebar) 1:46
(Moderato) There Is Only One Word as Powerful as This.

12. Ensemble (Akebar, Neala, 2 Brahmins, choir) 3:15
(Moderato. Larghetto) Primeval, primeval!

13. Scene Two (Neala, Idamore, Akebar, choir) 4:39
(Allegro maestoso) Idamore!

Total Time: 54:53



1. Scene One (Idamore) 0:43
(Allegro) „Son!” Is He My Father?

2. Scene Two (Neala, Idamore) 6:47
Duet (Allegro)
Idamore! So Tonight I Will Become Your Wife.

3. Scene Three (Neala, choir) 5:17
(Allegretto) Neala, Neala! Why Are You Not With Us?

4. Scene Four (Neala) 3:40
Recitativo and romance
(Un poco agitato) The Pariah! He’s the Pariah!

5. Scene Five (Ratef, Neala) 1:43
Dialogue (Moderato)
An Old Roamer Has Come Here.

6. Scene Six (Djares, Neala, Ratef) 5:52
Song (Un poco piu lento) I Know a Glorious Town.

7. Trio with the choir (Djares, Neala, Ratef, choir) 2:36
(L’istesso tempo) In Vain, Oh in Vain I Wander.

8. Scene Seven (Djares, Idamore) 8:17
Duet (Allegro impetuoso) That’s Him! Yes! He, Himself!


9. Scene One (choir) 5:28
(Allegro impetuoso) The Altar Is Ready For the Star of the World.

10. Scene Two (Akebar) 3:01
Prayer (Maestoso)
Gods of Love, Gods of Pleasure.

11. Ballet (orchestra) 6:55
(Lento. Andantino. Presto)

12. Scene Three (Idamore, Akebar, Djares, choir) 4:37
(Lento) What Can I See?! My Father!

13. Moderato assai. Allegro (Idamore, Akebar, Djares, choir) 3:15
My Father!

14. Ensemble (Idamore, Akebar, Djares, choir) 0:49
You Are Silent? You Ungracious!

15. Allegro doppio movimento – Scene Four (Akebar, Ratef, choir) 0:54
Oh, Poor Child!

16. Scene Five (Akebar, choir) 2:16
(Un poco piu mosso) How to Comprehend the Terrible Change?

17. Cavatina (Neala, Akebar, choir) 5:11
(Lento assai) This Was Not a Dream!

18. Epilogue (Akebar, Djares, Neala, choir) 3:36
(Allegro. Agitato ma non troppo presto) Death for Them!

Total Time: 71:02