14 April 2021 The Last Parisian? Internet Concert

The Last Parisian? – that’s the title of the next Internet Concert, to which we invite you on the 16th of April at 7 pm. The event features the music of Joseph Haydn, the oldest composer of the Viennese School, also known as the father of the new orchestra, and Poznan Philharmonic Orchestra led by Tadeusz Wojciechowski.

During the evening the subsequent of the six Paris Symphonies cycle (Nos. 82-87) by Joseph Haydn will be performed. They were all commissioned by the Paris Music Society, Le Concert de la Loge Olympique, supported by the great patron of the arts Claude-François-Marie Rigoley, Count d’Ogny. They all met with an enthusiastic reception and reinforced the composer’s fame in France and abroad.

Symphony in A Major is marked with No. 87 and according to the current numbering system it is the last of the Haydn’s Paris symphonies. However, as it occurs in the history of music, the opus numbers doesn’t always equate with the time of its origin. Thus Symphony No. 87 was composed in 1785 as the… first, not the last of the Paris cycle.

Musicologists believe, that the Paris Symphonies formed Haydn’s way to symphonic championship. In these symphonies his style is already developed, and the composer discards the pompous and empty theatrical tone, in its simplicity getting closer to the grateful, sometimes naive folk music sound.


Tadeusz WOJCIECHOWSKI – conductor
Poznan Philharmonic Orchestra


  • Joseph Haydn, Symphony in A Major, No. 87
    Finale: Vivace