Poznan Philharmonic would like to invite you to AMU Concert Hall on Friday, 4th of June at 7 pm, for another concert from the cycle ”Mozart Our Contemporary”, this time entitled ”Joke and Exuberance”. The evening will be filled with music by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart.

The concert will be opened by the well-known and liked Overture to ”The Marriage of Figaro”. The short piece evolves in a stunning presto, which can never be too fast, as Mozart himself used to say. Curiously enough, this exuberant work doesn’t use any opera excerpts – it’s an autonomous piece which perfectly introduces into the mood of the opera.

Four horn concertos written by Mozart in the years of 1782-1786 currently form a basic repertoire for that instrument. Suffice it to say that in the recent years forty percent of all horn recordings are Mozart concertos.

Mozart composed all of them for his friend, horn player Ignaz Leutgeb, member of the court chapel in Salzburg and a distinguished soloist. The friendship between Leutgeb and the Mozart family is underlined by the fact that the big cheese factory he opened after his relocation to Vienna could be established thanks to a generous loan made by Leopold Mozart, Wolfgang’s father.

Although the manuscripts of the concertos show various epithets added by the composer and addressed to Leutgeb, they were more the effect of the exceptionally close ties of friendship between the composer and the horn player than the willingness to tease the instrumentalist. Maybe the fact that the Horn Concerto No. 4 was written alternately in black, red, blue and green ink was an expression of a specific joke?

Symphony No. 40 in G minor, KV 550, is completely different in character from other Mozart’s works. It’s one of two Mozart symphonies written in minor (first one, also in g minor, has number 25). The composer completed it in two months, in the summer of 1788. That year he also wrote two other symphonies: in E-flat major (KV 543) and C major (KV 551) – all three of them were the last ones to be composed. It is not known whether Symphony No. 40, also known as ”Great”, was performed during the author’s lifetime. He was not in the greatest shape while writing it. In a letter to his wife he wrote: ‘if people could look inside my heart, I would be embarrassed. I feel as if everything around me is cold as ice.’ From all Mozart’s works this one till today has been most frequently subject to countless analyses and interpretations.


Friday, 4th of June 2021, 7 pm, AMU Concert Hall



Marcin CHRZANOWSKI – horn
Łukasz BOROWICZ – conductor, host
Poznan Philharmonic Orchestra


Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart:
Overture to “The Marriage of Figaro”
Horn Concerto No. 4 in E-Flat Major, KV 495
Symphony No. 40 in G minor, KV 550

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