On Sunday, the 10th of May, at 6 p.m. we invite you to another musical surprise prepared for music lovers by the musicians of Poznan Philharmonic Orchestra and cooperating artists. This time on our website we will be able to listen to Wojciech Jeliński, our trombone player and soloist, graduate of Herbert von Karajan Academy, associate of Berliner Philharmoniker, as well as the pianist Natalia Domańska. They will perform “Libertango” by Astor Piazzolla, the most famous composer of Latin America.

It was 1974 when Astor Piazzolla, then residing in Rome, composed eight short pieces prompted by his Italian manager. Despite a variety of problems, the album was recorded and released in Milan the same year. As among these eight works “Libertango” particularly stood out, the whole album was named after this piece.

“Libertango” soon became a smash hit. As the composer said himself, ‘ I gave it that title, using the words “freedom” and “tango”, so it can sound like a hymn of freedom’.

“Libertango”, which originated as an instrumental piece, soon was also arranged as a vocal version – 1990 Uruguayan poet Horacio Ferrer, who cooparated with Piazzolla, added Spanish lyrics.

Today it is hard to count all the arrangements and performances of this hit. Wojciech Jeliński, trombone player and soloist of Poznan Philharmonic Orchestra and Natalia Domańska (piano) will play Astor Piazzolla’s “Libertango” arranged by Nikolaj Bentzon and Ebbe Ringblom.


Wojciech Jeliński – trombone
Natalia Domańska – piano

Astor Piazzolla – “Libertango” – arr. Nikolaj Bentzon/Ebbe Ringblom