–  For the first time, you performed at the Poznań Philharmonic in 2021, and instantly won the hearts of Poznań audiences. Now, you are returning as artist-in-residence. What does this residence mean to you? 

– It means the absolute joy and privilege of meeting wonderful Poznan Philharmonic musicians and audience more frequently this year. This will allow me to establish meaningful connections and get to know them better. I appreciate the chance given to me by the Poznan Philharmonic, especially in these challenging times.

During the concert “A Star Before Christmas” you are going to play the Concerto for Cello and Wind Orchestra by Friedrich Gulda. It is also with this concerto that in May next year you and our orchestra are going to the Gdansk Music Festival. Is the piece a favourite of yours? 

– It’s not a typical cello concerto, which is what I especially love about it. It challenges me to break free from the classical musician frame and embrace the almost pop-rock style of music.

You have a rich repertoire; which cello compositions are closest to your heart? 

– Those that are moving me, resonating in my soul and imagination. It is only when I feel a personal connection to the piece that it is possible for me to try to light up similar emotions in the audience’s hearts. 

Today’s concert is held at a very special time in Poland–just a week away from Christmas, the most important, family-oriented  Polish holiday.  Where are you going to spend this year’s Christmas and the New Years’? 

– It is such a magical time of the year, filled with a sense of anticipation for the new and unknown, and the hope for something extraordinary to happen. Even as a grown-up, I still hold onto the belief that the New Year will bring positive changes. I will be spending the holidays in Germany, which has been my home for the past 11 years.

Today, you are a citizen of the world. It is with pleasure that I watch pictures and listen to recordings of rehearsals and concerts on the Instagram and on your webpage. Among all those colourful photographs, however, I have also found a black square annotated:  1 year. Thousands of broken and taken lives… What brought this war apart of horror, death and pain to so many people who pay the bill for the ego games of those who have power? I hope this day, the day of peace for Ukraine and Ukrainians, is coming now. This terror must end.

It takes a lot of moral courage to make such an entry…

– If only I could change this situation…it’s a horrible feeling to be a powerless spectator of this massacre and not be able to be of any help, unless only on a very local, private level. I can only hope that the New Year will bring peace to Ukraine and Ukrainians and, together with it, to all people who are suffering from injustice and violence. Humanity went so far in progressing on all levels except the very basic, fundamental one of treating each other with respect.



Anna Plenzler