(…) we have, amongst ourselves, an exceptional person of a format that is truly difficult to describe, and, at the same time, somebody who is simply a kind man who has chosen to share his success with people endowed with sensitivity, or with those who are grief-stricken. In Wojciech Pawłowski’s attitude, I perceive several values the society cannot do without, such as capacity for hard work, consistency, selflessness, trust, to name just a few. However, two values appear crucial to me: creativity and empathy. Wojciech Pawłowski admires people who are creative, extraordinary, unusual: artists, writers, visionaries, non-conformists. Rightly so – without them, our lives bog in rote and ignorance. Wojciech Pawłowski sympathises with people wronged by fate. Rightly so – misfortune can affect any of us, no one is immune from the whims of fortune – Jacek Jaśkowiak lauded Wojciech Pawłowski on the occasion of endowing him with the Great Golden Seal of the Town of Poznań.

The ceremony of presenting the Great Golden Seal of the Town of Poznań to Wojciech Pawłowski was held on Friday, 2 February 2024, at the White Hall of the Municipality of Poznań.

The distinction, awarded yearly by the Mayor of the Town of Poznań, was established to mark the 750th anniversary of the location of the town of Poznań. Modelled on the seal press of early-14th century, and, like the original, containing the coat of arms of Poznań and concave Gothic inscription “SIGILLUM CIVITATIS POZNANIE”, it is awarded to persons who embody traditional Poznań virtues, and whose activity commands particular respect and recognition.

Wojciech Pawłowski – businessman, social activist, patron of culture, sponsor of cultural events, philanthropist… The list of terms aiming to chart the vast spectrum of his professional, social, and charitable activity is long. One of the fields of his engagement is the musical life of Poznań, which he has supported for years by providing assistance to the Academy of Music in Poznań, and by being the main patron of the Poznań Philharmonic.

– Thus, the Great Golden Seal of the Town of Poznań finds itself in the hands of a man who has earned it multiple times, and has turned his life into a work of art. It is a work of applied art (business), art of admiration (patronage), and art of sympathy (philanthropy) – said Jacek Jaśkowiak.

While acknowledging the distinction, Wojciech Pawłowski underlined his regard for the Golden Seal’s previous recipients.

–  I extend my gratitude to the Mayor of Poznań for taking note of my extra-business activity in the field of promoting culture, or my engagement of charitable character, and added me to this worthy body. I find the Golden Seal not only a symbol of recognition, but also a commitment to support further projects intended to boost development of our town – said the prize holder.

During the ceremony, the chamber ensemble of the Poznań Philharmonic – Marcin Suszycki – violin, Marcin Herman – violin, Karolina Lewińska-Bąk – viola, Maria Liszkowska-Sikorska – cello – performed String Quartet in F major, Op. 96, No. 12 (“American”) by Antonín Dvořák.

Sincere congratulations to Wojciech Pawłowski!