12 November 2020 VARIETY OF SOUND

Tomorrow, on the 13th of November at 7 pm we invite you for the Internet Concert of Poznan Philharmonic. This time the Percussionists of Poznan Philharmonic Orchestra will present themselves to the music lovers in the foreground, in the full artistic display. Grzegorz Siek, Jerzy Mackiewicz, Beata Słomian and Piotr Sołkowicz prepared a special program which perfectly expose their abilities and the possibilities of the instruments they play.

During the concert the listeners would have an opportunity to discover the sound of the percussion instruments and the whole range of their potential. This time percussion instruments form a separate ensemble. In the presented works you will be able to hear lilting marimba themes, rich snare drum sounds, as well as sonoristic effects resulting from fusing the vibraphone with other instruments.

The Philharmonic musicians have chosen the works by contemporary authors: American percussionist, composer and pedagogue Mitch Markovich, German composers Berthold Hummel and Eckhard Kopetzki and a Canadian John Thrower, who dedicated his piece “Aurora Borealis” presented by our artists to Katarzyna Myćka, Polish (coming from the region of Greater Poland) marimba virtuoso.


Poznan Philharmonic Percussionists Ensemble:

  • Grzegorz SIEK
  • Beata SŁOMIAN


  • Mitch Markovich, Teamwork for Quartet
  • Berthold Hummel, Fresken 70 (Fifth movement: Finale – konklusion)
  • John Thrower, Aurora Borealis (movement “Starry Night”)
  • Eckhard Kopetzki, Le chant du serpent


Co-financed from funds of the National Cultural Centre under the program “Culture on the Net”.