1. Where can I buy tickets?

There are a few ways of buying tickets:
1. The most comfortable – purchasing the tickets online. More information on
2. The healthiest one – buying the tickets during a walk in the centre of Poznan
a) in the box office of the Poznan Philharmonic
b) in CIK – Cultural Information Center
3. The most modern one – via facebook. All you have to do is enter our fanpage. We are the first Polish Philharmonic which offers such a service!

2. Can I give back a purchased ticket?
A purchased ticket cannot be returned. You can however give it to someone you like?
3. Can I take photographs or shoot films during a concert?
It is forbidden unless you have a special permission. It infringes the copyrights, it also disturbs the rest of the audience.
4. How long does a concert last?
Usually about two hours (with a break). However each concert has a different program and the length of the pieces differ, so these hours are only indicative.
5. Is there always a break during a concert?
Usually there is a 20-minutes break after the first part of a concert (which lasts about 45 minutes). The only case when there is no break is when one piece is performed throughout a concert (e.g. Verdi’s Requiem).
6. How long does a break last? What can I do during it?

The break lasts about 20 minutes. Several things can be done during it:
- you can go the café situated near the University Hall lobby
- you can also go outside or on the balcony of the University Hall to breathe some fresh air (spring, summer and autumn are truly nice in the Adam Mickiewicz Park…)

7. Is there a cloakroom in the Philharmonic?
Yes, there is a cloakroom in the lobby of the University Hall. It is opened an hour before a concert.
8. Is there a dress code in the Philharmonic?/ How should I dress for a concert?
Just dress in an elegant or… a special way. We do not mean evening dresses and tuxedos, but we advice you not to wear casual clothes.

9. How to find the Poznan Philharmonic?

You can come by car, by tram, by bus or by scooter… Concerts are held in strict centre of Poznan and it is easy to get here by any means of transport. For your convenience we advise you to plan the journey with our map. The concert hall and the box office are situated on Wieniawskiego 1 (it’s a characteristic building of the University Hall, by the Mickiewicz Square, close to the famous Poznan Crosses monument). The offices of the Poznan Philharmonic can be found on Św. Marcin 80/82 (the building ZAMEK Culture Centre in Poznań).

10. What happens if I am late for a concert?
If you are late for a concert, you cannot enter the concert hall until the break. That’s why we advise you to arrive early enough.
11. Can I buy a concert program? Where?
You can buy a concert program at the stand of Poznan Philharmonic in the lobby of the University Hall, either before a concert or during a break.
12. Does the Philharmonic have its own parking lot?

Unfortunately not.

13. What I should remember about when going to the Poznan Philharmonic?
You should remember about appropriate clothing, taking the tickets with you and arriving early.
14. How should I behave during a concert?
We remind you that: - it is required to keep silence (no talking, a turned off mobile phone) - shooting a concert or taking photographs is forbidden - eating and drinking during a concert is forbidden.
15. When should I applaud?
At the end of a piece of music. If it has several parts, we applaud the artists after the whole piece has finished, not during short breaks between the movements.
16. Which seats are better – in the stalls or in the balcony?
The University Hall has outstanding acoustics, so you can hear the sound perfectly from every seat. Hence the choice depends on individual preferences of a listener.
17. Is the concert hall air-conditioned?
18. Can I leave the concert hall during a concert?
Each exit during a concert causes confusion and disturbs the artists and other listeners, that’s why it is possible only in exceptional situations.
19. How can I find my seat?
Next to the box office, as well as near the door leading to the concert hall, plans of the hall are situated. You can easily find your seat on them, and if you have any inquiries, you can also ask the personnel for help.
20. Is there a café?
Yes, it is situated next to the lobby of the University Hall. The café invites all music lovers an hour before a concert and during breaks. Experience shows, that coffee accompanied by a delicious cake have a positive influence on relishing art?