We invite you to take part in the continuation of the unusual event based on the popular Q&A (questions and answers) formula. This time the responses to your inquiries will be given by Katarzyna Bąk-Beczała and Piotr Beczała.

It was his first gala concert in Poland, held in Poznan Philharmonic. Piotr Beczała sang in AMU Concert Hall on the 14th of April 2007 and he blew away everyone! Poznan Philharmonic Orchestra was then led by Łukasz Borowicz.

For years now Piotr Beczała has been sharing his time between the most famous opera houses in the world – from Metropolitan Opera in New York (where for a couple of years he has been in an elitist group of stars who perform in MET every season), through Covent Garden in London, to La Scala in Milan. He is considered to be the leading tenor in the world. His wife, Katarzyna Bąk-Beczała, also a singer, supports him in the artistic career.

They both come from a Silesian town Czechowice-Dziedzice. They met in high school, in a choir, though she attended school of music and he was a student of a technical college, in the field of Mechanical Engineering. They both graduated from Academies of Music – Katarzyna in Warsaw, Piotr in Katowice. She started her professional singing career during her studies, but shortly before her debut in La Scala…. she resigned from the performance. She chose a life with her husband and, as she emphasizes in interviews, she never regretted it. They have been together for 25 years. Katarzyna attends Piotr’s rehearsals, performances and recording sessions. And it’s her opinion that the artist respects the most.

They were in New York when the pandemic broke – Piotr Beczała was preparing for the premiere of Jules Massenet’s “Werther” staged in Metropolitan Opera, in which he was to sing the title role. They managed to return to Poland, to their home in the Beskid Żywiecki mountains at the beginning of April. Today on the artist’s facebook page you can admire his fascination for nature and cuisine, read the great reviews of his lates album “Vinceró!” which was released in May and discover the tenor’s recommendations of interesting online performances and concerts prepared by artists from the most renowned opera houses in the world.

Thanks to our Q&A cycle it is possible to pose questions to the tenor and his wife oneself. You can ask how they endure the compulsary pandemic break and what are their plans, as well as anything that you would like to find out about this couple.

The questions can be sent by an internet form till the 31st of May: the form

The answers to the most interesting inquiries will appear on our website and Facebook profile on the 6th of June at 6 p.m.

We encourage you to pose questions!