17 February 2020 Golden Microphone for Róża Światczyńska

On World Radio Day, the 13th of February, Polish Radio awarded its most important prizes – Golden Microphones. This year editor Róża Światczyńska from Polish Radio Program II, well-known to music lovers from Poznan, found herself among the seven laureates. We can listen to her vivid stories about music during some of the Poznan Philharmonic Orchestra’s concerts.

Golden Microphone is a prize of Polish Radio awarded to Maestros by Maestros for their commitment and outstanding artistic achievements. The candidates are chosen from different areas of the radio, including theatre, music, literature, reportage, journalism and sound production. The prize has been established and granted for the first time in 1969. Members of the Golden Microphone Chapter are appointed by the Polish Radio Board from the laureates of the previous editions of the contest.

This year’s award ceremony was held on the 13th of February in the Witold Lutosławski Concert Studio of Polish Radio in Warsaw.