On 27 December, Marek Woźniak, Marshall of the Wielkopolska Province, and Jacek Jaśkowiak, Mayor of the Town of Poznań, signed at the Wielkopolska Province Marshall’s Office an agreements on transfer of institutions of culture between the Wielkopolska Province and the Poznań Municipality.

Following decisions of relevant self-government bodies, as at 1 January 2023, the self-government of the Town of Poznań becomes the founding institution of the Poznań Philharmonic, while the self-government of the Wielkopolska Province – this of the Archaeological Museum, as well as of the Wielkopolska Museum of Independence.

Marshall Woźniak also communicated the intention to set up Museum of the Wielkopolska Uprising, a truly 21st century facility, while Mayor Jaśkowiak imparted the decision to locate the seat of the Poznań Philharmonic – intended to be the most beautiful and modern facility of the kind in Europe – in the grounds of Poznań International Fair.