10 November 2022 75/75

Album 75/75 or 75 Minutes of Music to  Celebrate 75th Anniversary of Poznań Philharmonic has been released to mark the occasion.

Besides fragments of archival and newest recordings by the Poznań Philharmonic Orchestra, the album also features words from its conductors, incl. its founder, Stanisław Wisłocki.

The accompanying booklet recounts the history and the present day of the Poznań Philharmonic.

When did Poznań Philharmonic originate? Where have the Poznań Nightingales sing? Who was the Pro Sinfonika movement intended for? What is the phenomenon of the Poznań Concerts all about? Answers to these, as well as to several other questions can be found in the anniversary album. The publication also features archival photographs of the orchestra (of which the oldest comes from March 1948), as well as reminiscences of the famous violist Stefan Kamasa, who was  a member of the Poznań Philharmonics’ original line-up, and of Marek Sewen, another violist, who played in our irchestra in the early-1950s.

The commemorative albums premieres today; it will be available at the 75th Anniversary Concert (University Auditorium, 7:00 p.m., 10 November 2022).