01 October 2019 “100 for 100. Musical Decades of Freedom” – album now on sale!

“100 for 100. Musical Decades of Freedom” – this is the name of the project realised by PWM (Polish Music Publishing House) to celebrate the 100th anniversary of regaining independence by Poland. One of its elements was to present 100 masterpieces written by Polish composers between 1918 and 2018.

As part of the project PWM, in collaboration with prominent artists and the best Polish orchestras, choirs and ensembles, performed 60 new recordings of the works from the “100 for 100” list. The remaining, carefully selected recordings come from, among others, the archives of Polish Radio and Polish Recordings.

“100 for 100. Musical Decades of Freedom” has recently appeared in music stores and bookshops. The publication comprises 36 albums with the recordings of all 100 works from the list. Among them you can find “Kaziuki” by Tadeusz Szeligowski, the first director of Poznan Philharmonic, presented by the Poznan Philharmonic Orchestra led by Łukasz Borowicz specifically for that occasion.