07 July 2021 The Centenary of the Birth of Stanisław Wisłocki

He was born a hundred years ago – on the 7th of July 1921 in Rzeszów. A magnificent conductor, composer, pianist and pedagogue. He went down in the history of Poznan in a special way when in 1947 he formed Poznan Philharmonic Orchestra and held the position of its first conductor and artistic director of the Philharmonic until 1958.

That’s what he wrote about his work in Poznan in the book “Life of one musician”:

“In the first work period with the orchestra I placed the greatest emphasis on the classical repertoire, as it’s the best one to even out the sound. (…) Then we worked on the music of romanticism, neo-romanticism and the 20th century, including Polish contemporary music. After the orchestra have reached a significant level of technical advancement, we increased the number of Polish premieres. The Polish Composers’ Union often trusted us with organizing the auditions of new works. Thus close to the Philharmonic’s fifth anniversary we could talk about achievements on a national scale.”

Wisłocki was memorialized in Poznan, along with his wife Izabella, on of the tenement houses of the North frontage of the Old Market Square. On the frieze under the second floor’s windows of number 88 Julian Boss-Gosławski placed the images of the architect Izabella Wisłocka, who designed the reconstruction of the majority of tenements at this part of the Square, and her husband Stanisław Wisłocki, who back then was the artistic director of Poznan Philharmonic.

Poznan Philharmonic Orchestra will play the concert dedicated to the memory of Stanisław Wisłocki under the baton of Antoni Wit on the 13th of November this year. The program includes Piano Concerto by Stanisław Wisłocki in the interpretation of Krzysztof Książek.